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Our company couture is a melting pot of sharp, creative minds. A hybrid of different cultures, interests, backgrounds, and skills that bring fresh perspective and expertise to each of our brands and departments.

Alma Wiseman
Alma Wiseman COO
Charlie Ordonez
Charlie Ordonez CFO
Eli Goldenberg
Eli Goldenberg CRO
Illya S
Illya S CSO
Lawrence Yates
Lawrence Yates CMO
Marty Sullens
Marty Sullens CDO
Chris Lindfield
Chris Lindfield eCommerce Director
George Beecroft
George Beecroft eCommerce Manager
Melissa Ortiz
Melissa Ortiz Finance
Melanie Gassert
Melanie Gassert Human Resources
Jackie Escano
Jackie Escano eCommerce
Logan Lopez
Logan Lopez Processing Associate
Caitlin Smith
Caitlin Smith Fulfillment Manager
Richard Wildfong
Richard Wildfong Production Director
Stephanie Adams
Stephanie Adams Fulfillment Manager
Damiel Nieves
Damiel Nieves Inventory & Transportation Manager
Alex Aspuria
Alex Aspuria Processing Associate
Robert Solfio
Robert Solfio Picking & Packing Associate
Jenna Reeves
Jenna Reeves Fulfillment Associate
Cole Dressler
Cole Dressler Picking and Packing Associate
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Inventory Associate
Eric Rothar
Eric Rothar Inventory Associate
Nate Wiley
Nate Wiley Technology
Yaroslav Hlushchenko
Yaroslav Hlushchenko Senior Designer
Mark Araya
Mark Araya Manager of Social Creative
Blake Cortes
Blake Cortes Creative
Darla Saycocie
Darla Saycocie Manager of Content Strategy
Monet Moore
Monet Moore Creative
Alana Long
Alana Long Content Creator
Wylona Bouwens
Wylona Bouwens Graphic Designer
Jessica Sullens
Jessica Sullens Office Administrator
Steve Paoletti
Steve Paoletti CS Manager
Mikey Little
Mikey Little CS Manager
Lauren Grimsland
Lauren Grimsland Customer Service
Tina Spearin
Tina Spearin Customer Service
Megan Hoyle
Megan Hoyle Customer Service
Sarah Mumford
Sarah Mumford Customer Service
Anna Gonzales
Anna Gonzales Customer Service
Joey Nacraio
Joey Nacraio Customer Service
Tessa Dulay
Tessa Dulay Customer Service
Roberto Marcelo
Roberto Marcelo Customer Service

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