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Our company couture is a melting pot of sharp, creative minds. A hybrid of different cultures, interests, backgrounds, and skills that bring fresh perspective and expertise to each of our brands and departments.

Alma Wiseman
Alma Wiseman COO
Charlie Ordonez
Charlie Ordonez CFO
Eli Goldenberg
Eli Goldenberg CRO
Illya S
Illya S CSO
Lawrence Yates
Lawrence Yates CMO
Marty Sullens
Marty Sullens CDO
Cesar Contreras
Cesar Contreras Head of Supply Chain
Chris Lindfield
Chris Lindfield Director of Marketing and Research
Ciara Finn
Ciara Finn Director of eCommerce
Darla Saycocie
Darla Saycocie Director of Social Content & Creative
George Beecroft
George Beecroft Director of Supply Planning
Johnnie Saaid-Jackson
Johnnie Saaid-Jackson General & Tax Counsel
Jordyn York
Jordyn York Director of Project Management
Nate Wiley
Nate Wiley Director of Programming
Ni Le
Ni Le Finance Controller
Stephanie Adams
Stephanie Adams Director of Quality Assurance
Stephanie Sherman
Stephanie Sherman Assistant Director of Customer Experience
Alex Martinez
Alex Martinez Ad Content Manager
Steve Paoletti
Steve Paoletti Director of Customer Experience
Anthony Webler
Anthony Webler Warehouse Operations Manager - NV
Leo Ortega
Leo Ortega Sourcing & Procurement Specialist
Ashlyn Carmosino
Ashlyn Carmosino Content Writer
Miguel Delacruz
Miguel Delacruz Graphic Designer
Alicia Argabright
Alicia Argabright Content Writer
Clancy Riehm
Clancy Riehm Graphic Designer
Dillon Ward
Dillon Ward Ecommerce Specialist
Ariana Skala
Ariana Skala Customer Service Manager - HQ
Ashley Nelson
Ashley Nelson HR/Office Manager - Nevada
Gerry Granby
Gerry Granby Production Manager
Joey Pacheco
Joey Pacheco Ad Creative Manager
Kevin Baumgardner
Kevin Baumgardner IT Manager
Mikey Little
Mikey Little Support Services Manager
Ray Jones
Ray Jones Shipping & Receiving Supervisor - NV
Ryan Scott
Ryan Scott Talent Acquisition Manager
Samantha Ford
Samantha Ford Research & Content Manager
Sarah Mumford
Sarah Mumford Senior Customer Service Manager
Sas Lertprotsombat
Sas Lertprotsombat Social Influencer Manager
Tony Deamer
Tony Deamer Manager of Warehouse Operations - HQ
Zachary Trent
Zachary Trent Inventory Control Supervisor - NV
Audrey Malone
Audrey Malone Project Coordinator
David Green
David Green Videographer
Gabriela Calderon
Gabriela Calderon Graphic Designer
Gil Goldenberg
Gil Goldenberg Executive Assistant
Hasannah Hemingway
Hasannah Hemingway Assistant Inventory Supervisor - HQ
Jackie Escano
Jackie Escano eCommerce
Janan Issa
Janan Issa Project Coordinator
Jules Scheiber
Jules Scheiber Graphic Designer
Khalid Badr
Khalid Badr IT Specialist
Lisa Monello
Lisa Monello Photo Stylist
Marge Hynes
Marge Hynes Content Writer
Matthew Dean
Matthew Dean Creative Product Photographer
Melissa Ortiz
Melissa Ortiz Accounting Clerk
Miguel Garcia
Miguel Garcia Supply Planning & Logistics Transportation Specialist
Robert Solfio
Robert Solfio Customer Service Logistics Specialist
Skyler Woods
Skyler Woods Graphic Artist/Video Editor
Sydney Marler
Sydney Marler Content Creator
Victor Reyes
Victor Reyes Bookkeeper
Victoria Ojeda
Victoria Ojeda Supply Chain Coordinator
Adrian Williams
Adrian Williams Shipping and Receiving Associate - NV
Bernaditha Decano
Bernaditha Decano Fulfillment Associate - NV
Cheryl Schneider
Cheryl Schneider Picking Associate - NV
Christina Ruiz
Christina Ruiz Inventory Associate - NV
Devvyn Finley
Devvyn Finley Fulfillment Associate - NV
Freddy Hernandez
Freddy Hernandez Lead - 3PL Creator - NV
Frederick Taylor
Frederick Taylor Lead Shipping and Receiving Associate - NV
James Young
James Young Assistant Inventory Control Supervisor - NV
Jennifer Cooley
Jennifer Cooley Filfillment Associate - NV
Jerrell Laroda
Jerrell Laroda Inventory Control Associate - NV
Jorge Gomez
Jorge Gomez Shipping and Receiving Associate - NV
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez Assistant Distribution Supervisor - NV
Kathryn McNay
Kathryn McNay Fulfillment Associate - NV
Kyle Hannah
Kyle Hannah Distribution Processing Associate - NV
Mark Hanna
Mark Hanna Forklift Operator - NV
Norvon Harrell
Norvon Harrell Lead Distribution - NV
AnnQuette Duffy
AnnQuette Duffy Customer Service - NV
Cheyenne Harrold
Cheyenne Harrold Customer Service - HQ
Derresha Grimes
Derresha Grimes Customer Service - NV
Mateo Gomez
Mateo Gomez Customer Service - HQ
Shanna McNay
Shanna McNay Customer Service - NV
Shauntell Nolen
Shauntell Nolen Customer Service - NV
Anna Gonzales
Anna Gonzales Remote Customer Service Agent
Faith Marreroyou
Faith Marreroyou Remote Customer Service Agent
Joey Nacario
Joey Nacario Remote Customer Service Agent
Karen Panganiban
Karen Panganiban Remote Customer Service Agent
Tessa Dulay
Tessa Dulay Remote Customer Service Agent
Roberto Marcelo
Roberto Marcelo Remote Customer Service Agent

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