Our Leadership

Since 2017, we’ve been doing our best to create wholesome brands.

Meet the Founders

Alma Wiseman
Alma WisemanCOO
Marty Sullens
Marty SullensCDO
Eli Goldenberg
Eli GoldenbergCRO
Illya S
Illya SCSO
Charlie Ordonez
Charlie OrdonezCFO
Lawrence Yates
Lawrence YatesCMO

Get to Know Our All-Star Team

Our company couture is a melting pot of sharp, creative minds. A hybrid of different cultures, interests, backgrounds, and skills that bring fresh perspective and expertise to each of our brands and departments.

  • Cesar Contreras

    Head of Supply Chain

  • Chris Lindfield

    Director of Marketing and Research

  • Ciara Finn

    Director of eCommerce

  • Ryan Scott

    Regional Human Resources Director

  • Darla Saycocie

    Director of Social Content & Creative

  • George Beecroft

    Director of Supply Planning

  • Jordyn York

    Director of Project Management

  • Nate Wiley

    Senior Developer

  • Ni Le

    Financial Controller

  • Stephanie Adams

    Director of Quality Assurance

  • Steve Paoletti

    Director of Customer Experience

  • Stephanie Sherman

    Assistant Director of Customer Experience

  • Anthony Webler

    Director of Warehouse Operations

  • Ashley Nelson

    Regional Human Resources Director - Nevada

  • Alex Martinez

    Ad Content Manager

  • Ariana Solfio

    Customer Service Manager - HQ

  • Brittney Crawford

    Office Manager - Clearwater

  • Braedon Berens

    Production Assistant

  • Gerry Granby

    Production Manager

  • Jules Scheiber

    Director of Brand and Creative

  • Joey Pacheco

    Ad Creative Manager

  • Mikey Little

    Support Services Manager

  • Filip Rastovic

    Conversion Rate Optimization Manager

  • Samantha Ford

    Research & Content Manager

  • Sarah Mumford

    Senior Customer Service Manager

  • Leo Ortega

    Sourcing & Procurement Specialist

  • Angie

    Angie Diaz

    Content Writer

  • Audrey Malone

    Project Coordinator

  • Alicia Argabright

    Content Writer

  • Clancy Riehm

    Graphic Designer

  • David Green


  • Dillon Ward

    Ecommerce Specialist

  • Gabriela Calderon

    Video Editor

  • Gil Goldenberg

    Executive Assistant

  • Hadley Laperna

    Transportation and Distribution Manager

  • Jackie Escano


  • Janan Issa

    Relationship Manager

  • Kelly Han

    Kelly Han

    Content Writer

  • Khalid Badr

    IT Specialist

  • Isabella

    Isabella Da Silva Sodre

    Content Writer

  • Laura

    Laura Pérez Insua

    Video Editor

  • Lisa Monello

    Photo Stylist

  • Madysen Look

    Video Editor

  • Marge Hynes

    Content Writer

  • Matthew Dean

    Creative Product Photographer

  • Melissa Ortiz

    Accounting Specialist

  • Miguel Garcia

    Supply Planning & Logistics Transportation Specialist

  • Cam Marshall

    Receiving Associate

  • Jennyfer Hernandez

    Shipping Associate

  • Roman Shchukin

    Web Developer

  • Sas Lertprotsombat

    Social Influencer Manager

  • Skyler Woods

    Graphic Artist/Video Editor

  • Victor Reyes

    Accounting Specialist

  • Victoria Ojeda

    Supply Chain Coordinator

  • Adrian Williams

    Shipping and Receiving Associate - NV

  • Bernaditha Decano

    Fulfillment Associate - NV

  • Cheryl Schneider

    Picking Associate - NV

  • Christina Ruiz

    Assistant Inventory Supervisor - NV

  • Devvyn Finley

    Fulfillment Associate - NV

  • Freddy Hernandez

    Lead - 3PL Creator - NV

  • Frederick Taylor

    Lead Shipping and Receiving Associate - NV

  • James Young

    Inventory Supervisor - NV

  • Jennifer Cooley

    Filfillment Associate - NV

  • Jorge Gomez

    Shipping and Receiving Associate - NV

  • Josh Ross

    Receiving Supervisor

  • Juan Gomez

    Shipping Supervisor - NV

  • LaDrea McLaughlin

    Shipping and Receiving Associate

  • Morgan Spenner

    Shipping Associate

  • Norvon Harrell

    Lead Distribution - NV

  • Vernae Lang

    Returns Associate

  • Anna Gonzales

    Remote Customer Service Manager

  • Faith Marreroyou

    Remote Customer Service Agent

  • Joey Nacario

    Remote Customer Service Agent

  • Karen Panganiban

    Remote Customer Service Agent

  • Tessa Dulay

    Remote Customer Service Agent

  • Roberto Marcelo

    Remote Customer Service Agent